Full Restorations

Turning dreams into reality


Nothing gives us a greater thrill than a phone call from a truly passionate enthusiast who has got his or her hands on a classic Porsche in a terrible state. ‘Is it even possible to restore it?’ they ask as they gaze at the car of their dreams, despite several years of neglect.

The good news is that most things are possible.  Whilst we never make promises we cannot keep, we know from years of experience what we are capable of delivering. It is very satisfying match your expectations and even to exceed them!

For you, our client,  the beginning of this wonderful journey is one which we have the pleasure of sharing, as your car develops from a lost cause into something that looks like it has just driven off a forecourt! With modern materials, techniques, tools and parts we really can make dreams come true, and we aspire to deliver well beyond original expectations.

To see some of our recent work please visit Angus WATT’s In PROGRESS or email admin@greatworthclassics.co.uk to ask Angus and the Team for an exclusive link to our extensive image database of full restorations.

The Process:

  • Preliminary inspection & assessment
  • Recommendations
  • Commissioning
  • Sourcing
  • The Hard Work
  • Ongoing Project Review
  • Delivery
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