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SLS Rally 55 Classic

Angus & Alan in a 1973 Porsche 914 2.0 @ The SLS Rally

The SLS was founded in 1952, as a 24-hour event between the Netherlands and Luxembourg, and has since evolved into a modern multi-day regularity rally that has remained close to its origins. Professionally set out, with a sporty and friendly atmosphere on the way, the SLS route runs through the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, France and Belgium. It uses strict time schedules, requiring drivers to maintain an average speed under 50 km/h and apply all the usual route instructions of modern regularity rallies.

Alan Pettit navigated with Angus Watt driving aiming to capitalise on their gains and experience of their last few rallies together. It also gives us the chance to test out the upgrades that we fit to our cars and then can supply to our customers with the confidence that we know they work.

This rally was, according to Alan, “Hard! Really very much a challenge because it was extremely difficult! The secret route was divulged at the start and the team had to decipher it. The Dutch use a different system to us and the rally took us through amazing scenery. It was an interesting test of man and machine”.

The route of the rally runs from Spa to Luxembourg on the first day, the second day towards Reims in France, the third day around Lille. The fourth day finished in Antwerp and on Sunday after the traditional ‘Battle of Zeeland’ the finale was in Scheveningen. Angus and Alan were in the Sport class, the difference in classes being the manner in which information about the route is supplied, the length of the route and the average speed to be driven.

Angus explained that ‘One of the joys of doing these rallies, apart from the obvious fun of them, is that they give us to run our own engine configurations and try out ideas. In this case the engine ran really well. The challenge was to have an engine which has to remain under 2000cc but still be tuned to produce plenty of power but remain flexible at low speeds. We now know that this particular solution will work well in our customer’s cars.

The fantastic scenery, great food and driving around the dykes, also gives us a few days out of the office, being completely absorbed in making sure you don’t vere off into the abys”. Rallies are ‘Mindfulness for Petrol-heads’!



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