Full Restoration

It is always a great thrill to hear from passionate enthusiasts, calling or visiting to discuss the full or partial restoration of their prized classic Porsche.

Whilst we never make promises we cannot keep, we know from years of experience exactly what we are capable of delivering. On many occasions, not only have we matched our clients expectations, but with modern materials, techniques, tools and parts have had the delight of being able to exceed them!

Our fully equiped and tooled workshop allows us to perform the great majority of services in-house, enabling us to apply and maintain our own exacting standards throughout the restoration process.

Our restoration process always begins with a preliminary inspection & assessment to determine the baseline from which our recommendations for the work necessary begin. Most restoration processes are performed in-house, but when specific and specialised work is required we can source all parts and commision the services required.

Our on-going project reviews enable us to keep you fully up-to-date on the progress and completeness of each and every stage of your vehicle’s restoration.